Letter to Dr Abdillahi’s Patients

Regarding: Named GP

Dear Patient,

We wrote to you back in June 2020 to advise you that your named doctor, Dr Eriksson, was leaving her role of Salaried GP. Within our communication we advised you that your care would be shared between the remaining doctors at the Practice until we recruited a replacement doctor to take over Dr Eriksson’s list.

I am pleased to write to you again today to confirm that Dr Abdillahi has been successfully recruited as Salaried GP, following his final year of GP training at the Practice. I am pleased to confirm that your care will now be transferred over to Dr Abdillahi and he will become your named doctor with immediate effect. As before, whilst we encourage you to see your named doctor for continuity of care, you can continue to see any of the doctors available on the day that you require an appointment. All doctors will continue to have access to your medical history and management plans to be able to help you with any medical problems you have.

Dr Abdillahi has been working as a trainee GP at the Practice since August 2019 so will be a familiar face to many. We are delighted to welcome Dr Abdillahi as a permanent salaried GP, he will work four days per week – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday.

Due to the unprecedented times, we are requesting you do not phone through to our reception team regarding this matter as they are unable to provide any further information or accept any requests for reallocation.

We hope you will join us in formally welcoming Dr Abdillahi as a permanent GP.

Yours sincerely

Zoey Hilliard
Practice Manager