Covid Vaccinations for Healthcare Professionals

The surgery is currently being inundated with calls from healthcare professionals, including care workers regarding eligibility and availability of the COVID vaccine. If you are a healthcare professional and have a query regarding getting the COVID vaccine or, you have a query regarding your eligibility, please do not contact the practice. All patient queries regarding this matter should be routed through to This includes physiotherapists, dentists, pharmacy workers and those providing mental health and outreach services. Our reception team are unable to offer advice, guidance or appointments to HCPs.

Transport To and From Covid Vaccination Appointments

Community 360 are providing a transport service that patients can book in order to attend a COVID vaccination appointment.

This is not a free service. You will be asked to pay a £1 membership fee, £3 for the first 3 miles, 50p for subsequent miles.

Community 360 use minibuses so will be able to take wheelchairs and can accommodate an escort if necessary.

This service is being offered 7 days per week.

Community 360 can be contacted on 01206 505250.

Post Vaccination

Can we please also take this opportunity to remind our patients that it is imperative that you continue to follow the current guidelines post vaccination, It takes a minimum of 2-3 weeks after the first dose before any level of immunity becomes established. However it isn’t until approximately 2 weeks after the second dose that desired levels of immunity are reached. There is also no indication on whether either vaccine prevents transmission. Therefore by continuing to abide by the social distancing and stay at home guidance, you will save lives and continue to protect the NHS from becoming overwhelmed.